XBOX360 vs PC


I will try to be as unbaiased here as I can. There have been many “debates” wheather the XBOX 360 (x360 or 360) is better than the PC or vice-versa. In reality, they all have their pros and cons. But, I will try to let there be a true decisive winner at the end of this conversation. Now, a disclamer: I have never owned a X360. However, I have played it and used it alot to the extent that I know pretty much well how to use that system. So, if you think this is unfair, sorry. (Thats all I can say. The comment section is there for a reason).

Lets start with the PC. Obvious stuff out of the way (It can do WAY more than a 360 e.g. browse the web, download stuff, watch movies……I am not going to go further because this post will have to be 100X times longer…and thats understating it). The PC is an obvious winner in value and versatility.

But, lets focus on multi media, to be fair. They can both play movies, pictures, games, stream comtent, connect online, and have an online store for games (PC can have many. 360 only has marketplace). So what is the problem here? The problem is how these work. The PC is more open than the 360. In other words, you can do whatever you want with it easily without any hacks. Dont like an online store? Switch services. Can you do that with a 360? Nope. Its either marketplace or bust or over priced game discs.

Another thing: price. It has been known that PCs have cheaper games than consoles. This is certainly true for the XBOX. For example: Left 4 Dead 2 for 360 is US$39.99 (via TARGET) while Left 4 Dead 2 for PC is US$29.99 (via STEAM). And lets not stop there. Modern Warfare 2 is US$79.99 (via TARGET) for 360 while the PC version is US$59.99 (via STEAM).  Those savings can add up.  Now, I do understand that there are only platform specific cames (ONLY FOR 360) etc. But those games are not as popular as multiplatform games. However, everytime you buy a one platform game, it send the message to Micorosoft that “Its ok to stick with 1 platform. Be like that”. Multiplatform is always the best.

Lets talk videos and music. PC is an obvious winner here. Plays any codec, any file, any time with expandable memory. In 360 you cant add more than 1 HDD at a time. How about movies? same thing. However this all is unneeded if you stream from a….PC. Let’s talk social. This is a touchy subject because I do now know as a fact if 360 has a better community than STEAM (for simplicity and fairness, I choose Steam because it is most like Live). What if it is? Then 360 has an edge in that area. What if its not? Then PC has an edge. But, if you arent a social gamer, i.e. you do not play online, then this does not really matter for you. So whats the verdict? Lets get the facts first: Sure, a PC might cost more than a 360, but in the long run, it will be cheaper for you. In the long run, 360 will actually cost you because of the hardware you have to buy, the one platform games that arent interoperable, and the fact that the 360 is basically a media consumption device. A PC can create media, unlike any console out there. So take your pick. If I were you, I would be “a PC man/woman”. Then again, it is all up to you.


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